The drug Cialis (one of the PDE-5 inhibitors) for prostatitis is prescribed by urologists and andrologists when diagnosing urological pathologies accompanied by painful urination and erectile dysfunction. This drug not only restores sexual functions in men, but also relieves swelling in the tissues of the penis, accelerates blood circulation. Cialis has established itself as an effective means of influencing potency with any severity of the inflammatory process.

The prostate acts as a valve that closes off the urethra during an erection. In view of this anatomical structure, inflammatory processes in the prostate provoke erectile dysfunction and pain during the natural outflow of urine. On the modern pharmacological market, there are a large number of drugs that can effectively eliminate these symptoms. Cialis is a high-quality drug that helps to solve such a male problem as lack of erection. Its action is aimed at relaxing the muscle tissue of the prostate, which helps to reduce swelling of the prostate.

Tadalafil doesn't have any negative effect on the selective enzymes that are contained in the walls of blood vessels, kidneys, lungs, but selectively and only affects the patient's genitals.

Doctors prescribe the drug to urological patients with various forms of prostatitis and select an individual treatment regimen for each specific case. Cialis works only if there is a man has sexual desire. The more often sexual intercourse occurs (with a constant partner in order to avoid the occurrence of urogenital infections), the faster and better the emptying of the seminal canals of the prostate passes, the affected tissues of the prostate gland recover faster.

Tablets containing Tadalafil in the dosage of 2.5 mg and 5 mg are taken by urological patients every day or with a break, depending on the stage of erectile dysfunction and prostatitis. After the first use of the drug, the expected effect can occur in two hours, but after five days the necessary concentration of active components is collected in the body and the man can have sexual contacts at any time of the day.

Cialis has no duration limits. As a rule, the average course is 6-7 months. Cialis is considered one of the best potency stimulants due to the prolonged action. Before you start taking this medicine, a number of contraindications should be excluded: individual intolerance to Tadalafil, severe heart defects, diseases of the vascular system, pathologies of the liver and kidneys.

In Cialis generics, as in the original medicine, the main active ingredient is Tadalafil, but the auxiliary components differ from each other, so everyone can choose the medicine that the body will take best. In addition, generics are much cheaper than the original. Most of the analogs are made by Indian manufacturers.

As a rule, in the treatment of prostatitis, men prefer cheap Cialis generics, since long-term use of the drug is costly if the original medicine is used.